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Website Update: 01/17/11

Eric Babos was wrongfully convicted of the murder of John Riebe on December 15,2004,

at his home on Talmadge Road in Sylvania Township, Ohio.

With the help of lead investigator Jeff Strzesynski, evidence was discovered in the form of an

affidavit from Vincent Williams stating that on the day of John Riebe's murder December 15,2004,

Valynn Rodgers aka: JR confessed to Williams that he murdered John Riebe.

What we know about Rodgers:

The affidavit of Strzesynske, Motion for New Trial, and the current flyer have been posted on this website

If you have any information of Valynn Rodgers'

involvement in the murder of John Riebe or would like to pass out flyers

please call (567) 255 2811


Motion for New Trial Submitted 08-2010


On August 5, 2005, Eric Babos was found guilty on the charge of murder.

There was no weapon ever found.

There was no blood evidence against Eric.

There was no eye witness who saw Eric.

No gunshot residue was found on a police swab taken of his hands the night of the murder when he went to the police to help, because John Riebe was his friend and employer. Crimelab test results found over 1000 mineral particles but no gunshot residue.

Trace amounts of gunshot residue were found on a left sleeve taken two weeks after the murder. Eric is right handed and the transference of that residue from someone or something after the murder is how we believe it got there.

Eric Babos was sentenced to 18 years to life in the Ohio prison system. Your help could gain Eric's release, reuniting him with his family, enabling him to be a viable part of his son's life.

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This site is a plea for any information to help us find the real Killer of John Riebe who was found murdered on Dec. 15, 2004 at his home located at 5129 Talmadge Road, Sylvania, Ohio

We have no intention whatsoever in offending the family of John Riebe, we only seek the truth.

If during our many conversations with Eric, his words or behaviors pointed to him being guilty of this crime we would have accepted that fact. But we do not and cannot accept it.

The family of Eric Babos knows that he is an innocent man, we have talked with him over and over again, and the conclusions are that Eric is a victim himself, a victim of the circumstances of this case being made into a package of circumstantial facts and impressions.

John Riebe was a longtime friend and sometime employer of Eric Babos.

Everyone who worked with John Riebe knew that waiting for your pay was a common occurrence and no way would that have been a motive for killing your employer and friend for $150.

We do not believe justice was served in this tragic case, we believe an innocent mans life and freedom have been taken.


If you have any information about this case

or wish to send a letter of encouragement

email us at


A reward is available for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the murder of John Riebe on December 15, 2004 at his home on Talmadge Road in Sylvania Township.

You can remain anonymous.

thank you,

The Family of Eric Babos


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